Laundry for Veterinary Clinics

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The Perfect Laundry Partner for Vets

Our laundry experts have been working with veterinarians for decades. Speed Queen understands that a vet needs three things from their laundry: Hygiene, ease of use and durability. 

Our machines have dedicated features, such as thermal sterilisation and chemical disinfection which help you comply with the Laundry Standards defined in AS/NZS 4146: 2000.

Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers are significantly more durable than home machines and most other commercial brands.  We are so confident in our durability, we offer the industries longest warranties.

But Speed Queen machines go the final step – large load capacity and easy to use controls make it easier than ever to achieve perfect laundry, every time.


Why buy a commercial machine?

It doesn’t matter if you are a small vet clinic or a larger 24hr emergency operation, Speed Queen have small and large capacity options to suit.   Let our machines do the work so you can focus on your furry customers.

Our commercial range of machines are built to last.  They are designed to handle the rigours of regular use that will wear out a residential machine.  On top of this, they have specific benefits to veterinary clinics.

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Thermal Steralisation

The Australian Standards set out the requirements to achieve thermal steralisation as washing for 3 minutes or more at 71 Celsius, or 10 minutes or more at 65 Celsius.  Speed Queen machines make it easy to achieve thermal steralisation by giving you programming control, so you don’t need to dip your laundry in lava-hot water.

Chemical disinfection

When thermal steralisation isn’t possible, chemical products can be introduced to sanitise laundry.  Speed Queen enables you to control the quanities and time period chemicals are deployed, giving you complete control.  From ozone or hydrogen peroxide to chlorine, you can select the most appropriate process for your needs.

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Ease of use

From simplified controls to large load capacities that suit your regular cycle requirements, Speed Queen commercial laundry machines ensure washing and drying clinical linen and clothing is a no-fuss task.

Clear controls with pre-configured cycles help ensure that sanitisation occurs exactly how  you want it to – no need for staff to figure it out each time.


Get ultimate peace of mind

Nobody understands laundry like our local distributors.  With decades of experience in commercial laundry, they will help you choose the best solution for your veterinary clinic’s needs.

Who do we help?

Speed Queen is used by a range of industries such as hospitality, healthcare and student accommodation to maintain hygiene without compromising on quality or running costs.

Case studies?

Customise cycles to your specific requirement and enjoy unparalleled client safety. Countless businesses trust Speed Queen to do their dirtiest work. Get in touch to see why they chose us.

Financing options

Owning Speed Queen equipment is easy and affordable.  The lifetime ROI makes total sense.  To ease cashflow, we have a  great range of finance options for you to consider.

The Commercial difference

A commercial machine may seem initially more expensive, however, the lifetime ROI will more than cover the initial cost. Commercial machines will save your clinic money in the long run. When you buy a Speed Queen, you won’t be replacing it for many years.  More cycles in less time will reduce your utility costs. Similarly, your businesses will incur less maintenance and repair costs because of commercial machines superior durability. 

Built to last

We all know that hot water kills bacteria, but some Australian laundry machines just aren’t tough enough to handle the high heat. Thankfully, Speed Queen doesn’t settle for average.

Our machines undergo extensive quality and stress testing to ensure they can take whatever gets thrown in them (trust us, we’ve tried a lot). You can feel safe knowing that the harsh sanitize cycles or varied loads will have no impact on their long term performance. This is what they are designed for.


Find out how Speed Queen equipment can revolutionise your clinic. Our local specialist will give you all the help and advice you need.