Commercial washers and dryers that are tough enough for mining environments.

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Because consumer products just dont cut it.

Our commercial laundry experts have decades of experience in the industry, and we understand that mining has a set of different needs than other sectors.

1. Durability

 Your laundry system needs to be able to handle all kinds of particles and grime in every load without problem. 

2. Adaptability

No two mines are alike, and many have quite different cleaning needs, or unique limitations within their laundry system

3. Serviceability

 Mines sometimes operate far from urban centers, so maintaining support or warranties despite the distance is essential. 


A rugged laundry solution built for mining

Some Australian laundry machines just aren’t tough enough to handle the high outback heat. Thankfully, Speed Queen doesn’t settle for average.

Our machines undergo extensive quality and stress testing to ensure they can take whatever gets thrown in them (trust us, we’ve tried a lot). You can feel safe knowing that harsh sanitize cycles, grit and grime, or varied loads will have no impact on their long term performance. This is what they are designed for.

Exploded stacked washer

Designing solutions together

Sometimes things come up in an industry that our engineers just can’t anticipate, and the mining sector is no exception. But, this is both a problem and an opportunity to make our products better.

An example of this was in mines in Western Australia, which often have to deal with tiny red silica particles that grind between the seal and shaft of a normal machine. When the local Speed Queen distributor heard about this, they helped design a unique seal that increased lifetimes by 3000%!


A laundry system catered to your needs and facilities.

Commercial doesn’t always mean enormous! We know that many mines are based out of temporary structures or dongas.

We know that these structures can have hard limitations on water or power supplies, or may not have strong enough foundations to install a full size hardmount washer. This means that installing a laundry system is more complex than simply choosing a machine, but that’s why our distributors are here to help.


speed queen vet dog
speed queen vet dog

The longest commercial warranties

Even though our commercial laundry machines are built to last, sometimes things go wrong, especially in the harsh conditions of an Australian mine. We offer some of the best and longest warranties for commercial laundry machines.

The general rule is three years for the interior of the machine, and five years for the exterior (this changes based on distributor). If you’d like to find out more, check out our warranties page, or get in touch.


See what mining customers say about Speed Queen

Who do we help?

Speed Queen is used by a range of industries such as hospitality, mining and student accommodation to maintain hygiene without compromising on durability or running costs.

Case studies?

Customise cycles to your specific requirement and enjoy unparalleled employee safety. Countless businesses trust Speed Queen to do their dirtiest work. Get in touch to see why they chose us.

Financing options

Owning Speed Queen equipment is easy and affordable.  The lifetime ROI makes total sense.  To ease cashflow, we have a  great range of finance options for you to consider.

The Commercial difference

A commercial machine may seem initially more expensive, however, the lifetime ROI will more than cover the initial cost. Commercial machines will save your company money and stress in the long run. When you buy a Speed Queen, you won’t be replacing it for many years.  More cycles in less time will reduce your utility costs. Similarly, your businesses will incur less maintenance and repair costs because of commercial machines superior durability. 

But if things do go wrong…

We understand that mining is often remote, and if something as important as laundry breaks down you want a solution as fast as possible. Our distributors have many systems in place, ranging from simple phone consultations to the ability to send experts out to take a look. We are here to help!

That being said, our machines have thorough warranties, so you should be able to rest easy knowing that a Speed Queen can run safely for many years!


speed queen quantum

Get ultimate peace of mind

Nobody understands laundry like our local distributors.  With decades of experience in commercial laundry, they will help you understand and choose the best way to achieve your laundry needs.