Where to find the perfect laundromat

5 Simple things to look for

Finding the perfect location for a laundromat isn’t complicated when you know what to look for.

These are the key things to look our for when trying to find the perfect location for your new business.

1. Location, of course

As you look around for a potential site, focus on locations that are near to your target customers and have easy access. For example, near several apartment complexes, and alongside a major road. Being close to another successful  laundromat isn’t ideal, but isn’t necessarily a showstopper either.


2. Size matters

What is the perfect size?  It depends.  Sometimes a compact laundrette is perfect.  Low costs, small footprint – squeeze it into a small space.  Other times a larger laundromat will pay huge dividends.  People flock to a laundromat they know they will get an available machine.

3. Parking!

People just won’t walk far with their washing.  Who can blame them?  Nobody wan’t to walk along a road displaying your dirty laundry…  Or trying to navigate your way to the laundromat while herding the kids with you.  If you have carparks right outside, you will win.  People will choose a laundromat with the shortest walk – every time.



4. Environment

Choose a location you can make look appealing inside.  Not a lot of money can go a long way to making a space look light and clean and bright.  We help with that, our design teams are experts at it.  But they can’t take a cramped small room and make it look open and delightful when you insist on packing it full of equipment.


5. Payment options

This one isn’t really about location – but is just as important.  Consider whether you are happy to be a slave to your laundry – collecting coins or tokens every week (minimum!).  Or whether you want to enjoy a true passive income with cashless payment options.



 6. Make it perfect

The rest is really up to you.  Good marketing, keeping things clean and tidy and making sure your machines are always operating will build a loyal customer base who will enjoy the service you provide for years and years.


We are here to help

We’ve built more laundromats than anyone else in the world.  There isn’t much to know about them that we don’t know.  

Get in touch and we will happily talk you through what is involved and the best way to start a laundromat business.


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