A no obligation review and assessment of how you can reduce your laundry costs.*

     Is your laundry running at maximum efficiency?

Let our Australian laundry experts review your laundry operation and give you simple, clear advice on how you could reduce your laundry operating cost.

Our goal is always long term relationships built on trust and quality.  Speed Queen has been making laundry equipment since 1908, so we understand ‘long-term’ better than anyone.  If your equipment is up to scratch, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Get things started

Give us your details and we’ll be in touch to get a little more information – eg aside from cost, what other factors are important  (speed, hygiene, customer ease of use, compactness etc).

 The nature of  the audit will depend on these goals and the complexity/simplicity of your operation.



Speed Queen Australian distributors will endeavour to provide a laundry audit/review to all applications, however this may not be possible.  The nature of the audit/review will vary according to the enquiry.