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Build Resident Satisfaction, a modern day laundry experience.
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Speed Queen Insights

Effortless Laundry.

Making life easier for you and better for your residents.

Speed Queen® Insights gives your laundry service provider the tools to better manage your laundry facilities, create a more satisfying laundry experience for your residents and provide you with unmatched convenience.



Speed Queen app

  • Mobile payment lets residents pay for loads with their smartphones.
  • Speed Queen Rewards awards points for each purchase, giving residents a reason to stay on-site for laundry day.
  • Wash Alert feature lets residents monitor status and availability of every machine in the laundry room.
  • Residents can view remaining cycle time on their machines and receive notifications when the cycle is complete.
  • Residents can send a service message to get issues taken care of promptly.


Resident engagement

Speed Queen Rewards helps you connect with your residents to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

Advanced monitoring

Laundry service providers can provide peace of mind by monitoring machine performance.


Cloud-based control lets your laundry service provider respond faster and provide better service.

Expandable platform

Easily adapt to residents’ needs as more features become available.


Laundry service providers can generate easy-to-understand machine reports, room reports and revenue audits.

Peace of mind

Supported by the world leader in vended laundry solutions.

A valued amenity.

Quality laundry facilities are consistently ranked by residents as one of their most valued amenities—more important than wireless internet, even.* Speed Queen Insights gives your residents the experience they expect and your laundry service provider the data and control they need to provide your residents with a fast and convenient laundry experience.

**Kari Lloyd, “Most Popular Apartment Amenities List,” Apartment Guide, November 14, 2017

Speed Queen app.

Speed Queen app, residents can pay for laundry with their smartphone, earn points toward rewards, check remaining cycle times and receive alerts when machines are available. They can even submit a service message so that route operators receive a notification alert when a machine goes down.

Effortless efficiency.

Residents expect more from their living experience. With Speed Queen  Insights, your laundry will reach new levels of efficiency and profitability. Advanced user data and analytics can help you and your laundry service provider better understand your residents’ needs and create a laundry experience that makes them more satisfied with their living environment.

Laundry for today’s lifestyle.

Mobile payments improve resident satisfaction.

Residents expect more from their living experience. Smartphones have opened up new worlds of convenience and connectivity, and people are looking for the same from all facets of life—including their laundry. Speed Queen Insights lets you meet—and exceed—their expectations with the easy-to-use Speed Queen app and Speed Queen Rewards.

Speed Queen app

Easy-to-use app creates best-in-class laundry experience.

Speed Queen Rewards

Increase loyalty and keep your residents from leaving on laundry day.

Multiple payment options

Integrates with Apple Pay, debit cards, credit cards and more.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Understand your residents’ needs better and gain greater transparency.

Centralised refunds

Improve service and efficiency by having refunds issued directly to online wallet.

Integrated management platform

Streamlined laundry room management enables better resident service and support.


Simple and secure payment processing with PCI DSS compliance.


Expected mobile payment growth 2016-2020.

 Source: eMarketer, Nov. 2016


Consumers who would use mobile wallets if they could earn loyalty rewards.

Source: Points, Spring/Summer 2016

A better way to pay.

Doing the laundry is as easy as buying a cup of coffee with the Speed Queen app. A clean interface and flexible payment options give residents the convenience they want and the ability to pay with the one thing they never leave home without—their smartphone.

Build laundry room satisfaction.

With the ability to accumulate points for purchases, Speed Queen Rewards helps you engage with your residents to better serve their needs. And the more they use your facilities, the more rewards they can earn.

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