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Speed Queen makes laundry easy

We are commercial laundry experts with decades of experience.  We’ve helped many holiday and caravan park’s create the ultimate laundry solution. A reliable, easy to use laundry enhances the satisfaction of your guests, along with the resources to service your machines, no matter how remote.


  1. Fast wash and dry cycles
  2. Cost effective
  3. Reliable and rugged machines, built to last
  4. Elegantly simple to use

Fast wash and dry cycles

Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers are engineered for throughput.  Rapid wash and dry cycles results in less machines in your laundry. Approximately 30 minute cycle times means your guests spend less time in your laundry, and more time on holiday with a full wash and dry in around and hour.  

Speed Queen holiday park

Cost effective

When you buy a Speed Queen, you won’t replace it for many years.  Don’t fall into the trap of buying “cheaper” machines that are won’t stand the test of time – they will end up costing you more money.  More cycles in less time will reduce your utility costs and you’ll enjoy lower maintenance and repair costs because of Speed Queen’s superior durability

We’ve got a reputation for excellent service and durability, backed up with Speed Queen’s unmatched durability and commercial warranties. We have both the capability, and the willingness to service your holiday or caravan parks in the most spectacular, but remote, locations.

Built to last

The commercial laundry system in your holiday or caravan park should be reliable, come sunshine or showers. A breakdown can cause havoc, for both you and your guests, which is why our machines are designed with durability in mind. 

Our machines undergo extensive quality and stress testing to ensure they can take whatever gets thrown in them (trust us, we’ve tried a lot). You can feel safe knowing that the harsh sanitize cycles or varied loads will have no impact on their long-term performance. This is what they are designed for.

Elegantly simple to use

Your guests will love using Speed queen commercial laundry at your holiday and caravan park. Often your guests will have little to no experience with commercial laundry, so our laundry experts have designed our machines to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible.

We have all the traditional payment methods available (coin slide, coin drop, token)  however if you want total control and visibility then the Speed Queen user app allows your guests to pay for their laundry using their smartphone. The app also allows them to view the remaining time on the wash cycle and receive a notification when their washing is complete.

With Speed Queen, laundry isnt a stressful experience that could ruin a holiday.

Gday park laundry upgrade

Get ultimate peace of mind

Nobody understands laundry like our local distributors.  With decades of experience in commercial laundry, they will help you choose the best solution for your holiday and caravan park’s needs.

Who do we help?

Speed Queen is used by a range of industries such as hospitality, healthcare and student accommodation to maintain hygiene without compromising on quality or running costs.

Case studies?

Customise cycles to your specific requirement and enjoy unparalleled client safety. Countless businesses trust Speed Queen to do their dirtiest work. Get in touch to see why they chose us.

Financing options

Owning Speed Queen equipment is easy and affordable.  The lifetime ROI makes total sense.  To ease cashflow, we have a  great range of finance options for you to consider.

The Commercial difference

A commercial machine may seem initially more expensive, however, the lifetime ROI will more than cover the initial cost. Commercial machines will save your park money in the long run. When you buy a Speed Queen, you won’t be replacing it for many years.  More cycles in less time will reduce your utility costs. Similarly, your businesses will incur less maintenance and repair costs because of commercial machines superior durability and our unparalleled warranties.


Find out how Speed Queen equipment can revolutionise your clinic. Our local specialist will give you all the help and advice you need.