Fire Services

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Simple, Reliable, Durable.

Firefighters have three main needs for their laundry machines; they need to be simple, reliable, and durable.


After a hard days work firefighters need to be able to easily operate the machine. Speed Queen controls are easy to use.


The machines need to give a complete and consistent clean, every time, time after time.


Each machine needs to withstand the grime and particles that get attached to firefighting clothing, as well as cope with extended use over long periods of time.

Speed Queen accomplishes all three.



Keeping everyone safe

No matter the size or structure of your fire service, Speed Queen machines have a fit-for-purpose solution.  Anyone working near fire has the chance to be exposed to potentially hazardous materials.   From large scale washers and drying cabinets, to solutions for smaller local voluteer services, we’ve got it all.

If volunteer firefighters take their linens home they risk cross-contamination with potentially harmful chemicals on their PPE.

Using a centralised system of laundry machines for uniforms and other linens can help eliminate this risk.



We’re here to help them all

We are proud to support everyone involved in the fire service.

Whether Territory, Rural, Metropolitan or Country Fire Brigades, we consider it an honour to help those who risk their lives for others.



Avoiding another Fiskville

The Contamination at the Fiskville training facility demonstrated that fires can release harmful chemicals and carcinogens into both the environment and the firefighters within it. 

Proper cleaning and hygiene services are one part of the solution to reduce the risk of future health problems for fire teams.  

Fire Services around the world trust Speed Queen to ensure their gear is maintained to the highest standards.

Specialised for PPE equipment

Fighting fires is hard and dirty work. The last thing any firefighter needs is a fight with their laundry machines after a long day. This is why our PPE drying cabinets are incredibly simple to use, with five pre-programed dry cycles.

But ease of use doesn’t compromise your ability to customise.  If your department wants a more tailored approach, they can program the cabinets to alter temperature, drying time and cooldown cycles to suit their specific needs.

But why use a drying cabinet? These cabinets dry without the mechanical actions of a traditional dryer, reducing wear and tear by up to 64%. They do this through circulating warm air using heat pump technology.

Controlled, centralised cleaning

Enjoy unparalleled control over wash cycles thanks to Speed Queens Quantum controls. Customise water pressure, temperature, drying times, or reduce water consumption to best suit your needs. These cycles can be saved as presets to ensure a consistent easy clean, every time.

A centralised laundry system reduces the need for multiple sets of gear and allows you to ensure a high level of cleanliness and safety.

Get ultimate peace of mind

Nobody understands laundry like our local distributors.  With decades of experience in commercial laundry, they will help you understand and choose the best way to achieve your laundry needs.

Who do we help?

Speed Queen is used by a range of industries such as hospitality, laundromats and government institutions to maintain hygiene without compromising on quality or running costs.

Case studies?

Customise cycles to your specific requirement and enjoy unparalleled cleanliness. Countless businesses trust Speed Queen to do their dirtiest work. Get in touch to see why they chose us.

Financing options

Owning Speed Queen equipment is easy and affordable.  The lifetime ROI makes total sense.  To ease cashflow, we have a  great range of finance options for you to consider.

Built to last

Firefighters need to be able to rely on their equipment. 

This goes for both the equipment on their backs, and the machines back at home that maintain it. Speed Queen washers and dryers are tough as and built to last, meaning they will provide a top level clean every time. 

Our machines undergo extensive quality and stress testing to ensure they can take whatever gets thrown in them (trust us, we’ve tried a lot). You can feel safe knowing that they will be able to clean the grime and sweat from firefighting, and that the particles won’t impact their long-term performance. This is what they are designed for.


Find out how Speed Queen equipment can help your department! Our local specialist will give you all the help and advice you need.