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Perfect for Australian farms

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Perfect for Australian farms. 


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Nothing’s Tougher Than a Speed Queen Washer

Stainless Steel Drum

Speed Queen washers are equipped with a heavy duty stainless steel drum. The components of our washers can handle whatever you throw at it. Built better to last longer our washing machines will stand the test of time.

Tested For Over 10,000 Cycles

Speed Queen laundry machines are tested for over 10,000 cycles to ensure they continue to run for years to come. We put our machines through extreme tests – we’ve put hockey pucks, billiard balls, gardening tools and more through our machines and our machines have come out on top every time.

Largest Door Openings In The Industry

Speed Queen washers come equipped with the largest door openings in the industry. Get your large loads of laundry in and out of your washing machine much easier with Speed Queen.

Simple and reliable laundry solutions

No Mucking Around. Our Dryers Are 20 Amp

Galvanized Steel Cylinder

Speed Queen dryers are equipped with a durable galvanized steel cylinder. Built for reliable heavy-duty performance, this dryer can handle whatever you throw at it.

20 Amp Drying Power

Our dryers use 20 Amp power for a more powerful drying experience. Designed to fit the entire load of laundry out of your Speed Queen washer, get your laundry dry in no time with this large capacity dryer.

Largest Door Openings In The Industry

Speed Queen dryers also come with our large reversable door openings for easy loading and unloading of your laundry.



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Greg Vlahos
General Manager, Speed Queen Equipment Sales

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Commercial front load washer


Commercial front load dryer


Military-grade manual control dryer


Commercial stacked washer/ dryer


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