Build Quality

The reason we're the leader in commercial laundry is no mystery - stronger parts make for longer performance.

While other manufacturers choose to build their washers and dryers using plastic parts, we use commercial
quality metal components throughout our machines. We take pride in the quality of our products and their
dependability in any scenario.


Component Testing

Once our products are brought to life in physical form, we subject them to component and sub-assembly testing that requires
each part to perform to at least two times its expected life cycle.

This certifies unsurpassed
durability, in even the harshest


Life and Load Testing

Our test lab has no industry equal. We test to extremes, exceed the limit, and push our washers and dryers to the breaking point, constantly finding new ways to simulate conditions under which damage might occur over time.

That’s why you can be sure that your machines are built to last.


Field Testing

Once Product performance passes in-house testing, our equipment must show it will perform to our commercial-grade standards out on the field. So before products go to full production, we put them into full-time practice in the harshest of real world settings.

Its another step towards giving our
customers, and ourselves, true performance peace of mind.

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