Why Bring Laundry In-house?

3 Reasons you should seriously consider

The 3 critical benefits of an in-house laundry are too often overlooked by organisations that provide accommodation or hospitality services.  These aren’t just theory – we can prove them.  We’ll help run the numbers for your organisation and provide reference sites that you could use to see how your future operation could look.


When bringing laundry in-house, you start saving money on day one. That’s even when factoring for lease or interest costs, the savings of in-house laundry vs outside providers is so significant. An investment in laundry equipment pays for itself in no time with savings of up to 40%.


Get what you need, when you need it.  Faster turnaround of your laundry means you can operate on reduced linen stock.  Late deliveries of linen supplies will be a thing of the past – your laundry is under your control.



With full chemical and programming control, you get the quality you require – not the quality your provider decides.  Sanitise to your requirements and increase the lifespan of your linen and garments – you have the variables to control.

Why Speed Queen?

For over 100 years we have done nothing but laundry.  Nobody knows laundry like we do.  Our equipment is built to stand the test of time.  We choose the very best local specialists to provide advice and expertise – from laundry flow and configuration to programming and maintenance.  When  you choose Speed Queen, you don’t just get a machine.  You get laundry expertise.